Book edited by Tralvex Yeap, Graham Birtwistle

Preface by Tralvex Yeap

Section 1: Radiosity and Related Works

Section 2: Software Acceleration Techniques for Radiosity

Section 3: Hardware Acceleration Techniques for Radiosity

Section 4: Radiosity for VR Applications

Section 5: Suggestive Techniques to Radiosity for VR Applications

Section 1: Radiosity and Related Works
Modeling the Interaction of Light
Between Diffuse Surfaces

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Section 2: Software Acceleration Techniques for Radiosity
Geometric Simplification for Indirect
Illumination Calculations

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Speed-up techniques
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Wavelet Methods for Radiosity
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Section 3: Hardware Acceleration Techniques for Radiosity
Parallel Progressive Radiosity with Adaptive

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Progressive Refinement Radiosity on
Ring-Connected Multicomputers
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Section 4: Radiosity for VR Applications
Virtual Radiosity
Möller T. (1995)
Radiosity Techniques for Virtual Reality - Faster
Reconstruction and Support for Levels of Details

Möller T. (1996)
Interactive update of Global illumination using a Line-
space Hierarchy

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Section 5: Suggestive Techniques to Radiosity for VR Applications
Generating Multiple Levels of Detail
from Polygonal Geometry Models
Schaufler G. and Sturzlinger W. (1995)
Generating Various Levels of Detail of
Architectural Objects for Image-Quality
and Frame-Rate Control Rendering
Belblidia S., Perrin J. and Paul J. (1996)
Learning Spatiotemporal Models
From Training Examples
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Learning the Distribution of Object
Trajectories for Event Recognition
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Polygonal Simplification: An Overview
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Progressive Mesh
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Progressive Simplical Complexes
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Mesh Optimization
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Simplification Envelopes
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* Paper(s) with only ZIP file available are not included in the book.