Helios (1.1MB, ZIP)
Radiosity Renderer by Ian Ashdown. Software with C++ Source code (Borland C++ and Visual C++) from his book "Radiosity: A Programmer's Perspective".

Radiance (1.7MB, ZIP) [Accessories]
Monte Carlo Radiosity Renderer by Gregory Ward. Included Source codes and Radiance Digest.

RadVis (810KB, ZIP)
Radiosity visualisation program. Includes Hierarchical, Wavelet radiosity and progressive radiosity with substructuring, Author: Andrew Willmott.

A radiosity and ray tracing program that allows the user to create impressive 3-D images. It was created as an end of a university project in Mechanical Engineering by Eduardo Bustillo Iceta.

NeXtRad (161KB, ZIP)
A Radiosity-Lighted Walkthrough Package by Jason R. Wilson. Includes Source and Documentation.

A complete code to the radiosity implementation written as part of Bernard Kwok's Masters Thesis work at York University, Canada. It implements some techniques by Wallace89, Baum91, and others. Included is a radiosity program, some utilities, and a scene walk-through program.

Sumant Pattanaik's radiosity tool for computation of global illumination for a 3D scene composed of polygon, sphere, cylinder, cone and discs with plastic or mirror surface properties and only diffuse light sources.

Simplification Envelopes: Software for simplifying polygonal models by Jonathan Cohen and Amitabh Varshney. Included Source code and Paper.

RenderPark (1.4MB, ZIP)
K.U.Leuven photorealistic rendering tool. Rendering algorithms implemented: Galerkin radiosity (both gathering and shooting) with (or without) hierarchical refinement, higher order approximations, clustering, view-importance, stochastic ray radiosity, ray-casting, classic and stochastic ray-tracing.

POV-Ray (6.4MB, ZIP) [alternative platforms and accessories]
The Persistence of Vision(tm) Ray Tracer creates three-dimensional, photo-realistic images using a rendering technique called ray tracing. Ray tracing produces very high quality images with realistic reflections, shading, perspective, and other effects.

Radiosity refinement and calculation program. Software Accompanying a Paper by Hanrahan et al.
A Rapid Hierarchical Radiosity Algorithm.

3dom (782KB, ZIP) [alternative platforms]
A 3D object modeler v0.1.2 and v0.1.3. Included Source code for Linux and Irix.

BMRT (3.4MB, ZIP) [alternative versions]
Blue Moon Rendering Tools. A high quality renderer which uses some of the latest techniques of radiosity and ray tracing to produce near photorealistic images. Included SGI MIP1,2,4, Linux and Solaris Sparc Source.

GGEM1-5 (1.5MB, ZIP) [Repository]
Source code for Graphics Gem 1 to 5.

MeshOpt (849KB, ZIP)
Hugues Hoppe Source code for Mesh Optimization.

Rayshade (390KB, ZIP) [Accessories]
A Powerful Ray Tracer Software.