This thesis would have been Mission Impossible if not for all those mentioned here. Many many thanks to:

Ian Ashdown, an advisor as well as a friend whom I met on the Internet for sharing his knowledge in radiosity as well as his wide bibliographic collection on radiosity literature (more than 1100 papers). This has allowed me to do a radiosity trends analysis based on the bibliography as well as speeding up my search for specific paper.

Prof. Donald P. Greenberg, Prof. Philip M. Hubbard, Dr. Al Z, Dr. Brian Smits, Dr. Eric Lafortune, Dr. Erik Robson, Dr. Luc Renambot, Dr. Neil Gatenby, Dr. Sumant Pattanaik, Ali Anghaie, Antonio Costa, Abraham Kee, Defee Pawel, Gregory Ward, Ian Ashdown, Martin Thompson, Rakesh Malik, Rob Love, Terrance Wong, Wim Dumon who took part in the survey correspondences on radiosity, sharing their practical experiences and knowledge.

Graham Birtwistle for recommending Brian and Prezemek since day 1 of this thesis. Thanks for being a wonderful advisor and proof-reading the drafts. I am always amazed by his creativity such as his suggestions on doing the trends analysis, the idea on thesis road maps, the compilation on "Selected Papers on Radiosity" book and many other brilliant suggestions. Wow!

Tracy Goh, my (ex) fiancee for devoting enormous amount of time and effort spend in proof-reading the drafts and also for her unlimited love and support throughout the M. Sc. programme, which kept me emotionally strong and going.

Dennis Bell (reading MA in Education) and Azman Said (was an English teacher, now reading MA in Mass Communication) for proof-reading the drafts.

Dan Yeap for working on the SysEng logo (back in 1995) and correspondences on Computer Graphics - rendering aspects and the more complicated part of 3D Studio v4.0.

Ken Brodlie and Terence Fernando for introducing me to the theoretical world of Scientific Visualisation and Advanced Computer Graphics, without which I would be still stuck in the hacking world of CG!

Stuart and Neil Sumpter for helping me out with the camcorder and CDROM authoring.

SCS Support for rendering their unlimited help and support in terms of the computing facilities.

Brian Wyvill for giving me the initial boost by showing my where to find good sources of information for Computer Graphics - Radiosity materials, in particular works by Prof. Donald P. Greenberg.

Przemek Prusinkiewicz for recommending useful books on radiosity since day 1.

Neo Kwakwa (reading MSc in Combustion and Energy, LU) who shared with me, his knowledge in radiative heat transfer concepts and materials.

Defence Science Organisation for expressing their interest in my thesis, which inspired me to do an even better thesis!

Classic FM UK Radio Broadcasting station for supplying me unlimited doses of excellent classical music to boost my brain power and inspiration for this thesis and the M.Sc. programme!

Mary Morris Residence (place where I stayed) M flat shower room, where many knotty problems in the understanding of radiosity were solved. Very eerie but true.