Document (12MB, ZIP)
Thesis Report and Figures. (MS Word, Visio, Pagedraw, etc). Postscripts (9MB, ZIP).

3D Studio Source (245KB, ZIP)
3D Studio Source Files.

Povray Source (3K, ZIP)
Povray Source Files.

Bibliography Source (405KB, ZIP)
Original raw Bibliography collection from: (1) Inspec CDROM; (2) Dissertation Abstracts; (3) Ian Ashdown Radiosity Bibliography 1997; (4) Siggraph Bibliography on Radiosity. Included a source code to convert standard bibliography text to custom format.

Survey Results (45KB, ZIP)
Radiosity questionaire and replies.

RadAlgo (3KB, ZIP)
Radiosity algorithms: Hemicube form factor algorithm; A Rapid Hierarchical Algorithm; Hybrid form factor algorithm.

24-bit Images


Net-it-Now Source (13MB, ZIP)
Source code for Net-it-Now to generate JAVA source for a GUI-ish document.

Computer Select CDROM (399KB, ZIP)
Radiosity Articles from from Computer Select CDROM collected during the period of Feb 96 - July 96 back in Singapore.

BibDB (240KB, ZIP)
BibDB is a program for creating, maintaining and updating literature reference libraries, in a format which is compatible with BibTeX, the standard LaTeX bibliography database format.