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"The difference between science and magic rest with the beholder, and his knowledge." - Anonymous

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My lifestory in University of Leeds Sep 96 - Aug 97

Web-ready Coursework:

Web-ready Exam (95-97):
Image.Proc, OOP-Java, Adv.Networking
Adv.CG & VR, Comp.Vision, VWE, DMS

BCS, Programming Competition 97, [Sample Question]
o Advanced Programming SIG
o Electronic and multimedia publishing SIG
Programming Problems Phoenix
ACSL Prog. Compettion CPS
IOI MainFun
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MyFriends Sitcomin Leeds

Neo Kwakwa MSc in Combustion Engineering
Patrick B. BEng Mineral Engineering
Hera Lukman Phd in Obesity
Connie Bao BSc in CS
Zhen Sun MSc in 3V
Xueqin Wei MSc in 3V
Berhanu Yismaw MA in Development
Wili Tagica BSc in Construction Mgt
Dr. Dharmendra Sharma Uni. of South Pacific
Etiemme Simonnet BA in Law
Carsten Lanquillon
Silke Kraemer MSc in IS
Andreas Mayer MSc in 3V
Anthony Osei MSc in IS
Chzis Zouagidis MSc in 3V
HONG KONG Supernet.fax
David Yuen MA in Applied Translation (Eng/Chin)
Dickson Wu M.Ed Education
Eric Tsai
MSc in Health Education and Health Promotion (HK-email)
Eric Suen BEng Elect. Eng
Charles Wong MSc in IS
Marian Chau MSc in IS
Francis Liu MSc in IS
Haresh Dedaniai Phd Mathematics
Dr. Bharat Kale Material Science
C. T. Wahyanti MA Comm. Studies
Silvy Mario Wantania MA in Dev. Studies
Willy Saelan
MA Human Resource Mgt
Silvia Cluca BSc in Computing+Maths
Mores Loolpapit MA in Public Health
Yana, Yeong Kyeong Park MA in Applied Translation (Rus/French)
Mazlan Hassan MBA
Nicholas Chan BA in Law
Abdul Razak A.R. MA Poltics of Int'l RE & Development
Tengku Fadilah T.K. Phd SP Med & Ex Sci.
Sharizah Daiman Phd Women & Sports
Roselezam W.Y. Phd in English
Jessie Chan MA in Int'l Studies
Hema Kumar MBA
Christine Han BSc in Law
Kevin Tan MSc in 3V
Edward Teong MSc in 3V
Wee Mee Chin MSc in 3V
Zuriadah Mohd MSc in IS
Edward Yong MSc in IS
Inson Din MSc in IS
Najmi HJ Mohd Noor MSc in IS
Paridin Jais MSc in IS
Adeyemi Bello MSc in 3V
Azman A.S.P.Z MA in Mass Comm.
Teong Su Kwang MA in Education (1968-2004)
Kenneth Kee BSc Accounting / Computing
Eric Lee MSc in 3V
Ng Ah Hock MSc in 3V
Siti Marican BA in Law
Karen Cheng BChD Dentistry
Bharti Agrawal
BA in Acc+Finance
Willy Lim
BSc in Civil Engineering
Han Shu Yen
BA in Acc+Finance
Clifford Keong BSc in Computing
Rachel Lee BSc in Computing
Clarence Yap BA in Law
Carolyn Hong Msc in Law
Probin Dass BA in Law
Alvin Koh
BA in Law
Cape Town
Ruwaida Tootta MDent Sci.
Mario Santos MA Asia Pacific Studies
Monica Pina MA Philosophy Science
Alfonso Ferrandez MSc in CFD
Jondi Flavier MA Health Mgt Planning & Policy
Doreen Jose MA in Mass Comm.
Phoebe Chen MA in Comm. Studies
Sophia Yu-Lin Huang MA in European Legal Studies
Mongkol Thananawanukul MSc Env Pollution Ctrl
Chake Sangma Phd in Chemistry
Weerapon Chuwong Uni. of Boston
Sakir Cinkir Phd in Education
Martin Woodrow MSc in 3V
Chris Priddis MSc in IS
Shun-Ping Chan MSc in IS
Edward Yu MSc in IS
Eric Lee MSc in IS
Neil Walker MSc in IS

SCS, MSc Coursemates' Homepage 96/97

Ah Hock Andreas Andrew Anthony Charles
Chris P. Chris Z. Edward Teong Edward Yong Eric Lee (VVV)
Eric Lee (IS) Edward Yu Inson Din Martin Mee Chin
Najmi Neil Kevin Paridin Shun Ping
Silke Sun Zhen Yemi Zuraidah Mohd  
MSc, 1997/1998 Students
Kew Tow Ann Alan Yeo Robert Ward Sajid Mahmood Ithiel Wing
Mike Thornton Phil Tavaria Rasha EL Khalili Ali Taleb Myrto Amorgianou
Ramzi Araj Razak Samingan Robin Alam Wale Olorunsola Lin-yu Huang
Zoe Yap Wendy Wong Boyke Bader Rob Gregson Nigel Hannam
Nik Karatzoulis Ithiel Kong Ying Li Steve Lo Suriati Sadimon
Terry Wood Jamaiah Yahaya Yusof Cik Suhaimy    
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MSc in Vision, Visualization & Virtual Environments - WWW Links

MSc Thesis (10 months: Feb 96 - Aug 96, Mar 97 - Aug 97)
Title: Radiosity for Virtual Reality Systems, Acroymn: ROVER
Advisor: Professor Graham Birtwistle
(A guru in parallel algorithms and architectures)


The synthesis of actual and computer generated photo-realistic images has been the aim of artists and graphic designers for many decades. Some of the most realistic images were generated using radiosity techniques. Unlike ray tracing, radiosity models the actual interaction between the lights and the environment. In photo realistic Virtual Reality (VR) environments, the need for quick feedback based on user actions is crucial. It is generally recognised that traditional implementation of radiosity is computationally very expensive and therefore not feasible for use in VR systems where practical data sets are of huge complexity.

To achieve photo-realism in images, we look into what radiosity can offer and the current state of art by doing a radiosity trend analysis. In addition, we also review several acceleration techniques which are suitable for applying radiosity in the synthesis of VR environments.

Finally, we introduce two new methods and several hybrid techniques to the radiosity research community on using radiosity in VR applications.

Keywords: photo-realism; global illumination; real-time radiosity; VR radiosity; walk-throughs; flybys; simulation.

Semester 1 (Sep 96 - Dec 96)

VIS Distributed Visualization Systems, Visualization & High Performance Computing [Coursework 1, Coursework 2, Exam] by Dr. Ken Brodlie
VisEd Project Universitšt-Gesamthochschule
Vis Tutorial
Leeds IRIS Explorer Tutorial NAG IRIS Explorer Manual
The Visualization Toolkit, FTP Fraunhofer Medical Vis Georgia Tech's interdisciplinary GVU Center ISO Surface & Marching Cubes
IBM Visualization Project Overview Ken Visualization
and the World Wide Web
Jason Wood Stuart Lovegrove
Fast Isosurface Generation Using an Extrema Graph Volume Thinning for Fast Isosurface Generation Adv Vis. (unsorted) Parallel isosurface generation
NCSA - HDF Peter Java Vis BSc Project Ray Tracing News Guide VizWiz
Visualize Technologies NetFactory Inc. InfoSpace Inc. JavaChart
Sphinx IT Consulting MktView GAIA Project VizWiz
FTP VRML Repository VRML Repository Paragraph Showcase ParaGraph's VRML Web Site
Chris VRML Collection The VRML Specification 2.0 IRDU NUS IRDU VRML Links
VRML Forum SGI.VRML for Developers Virtual World Factory Mitra, 3D Internet Systems consultant
Photo Modeler (updated 2005) EarthWeb VRML (Huge) Top 40 VRML World VRML Search
VRMLSite Magazine POVRay Homepage Chris VRML VRML from HELL in VRML
VRML Book List Oz Virtual 3DSite - VRML The VRML 2.0 Sourcebook
UK-SIG 3D Object 3D Object Shop VRML Authoring tools & Browsers NIST VRML Site (Latest stuff)
VRML 2.0: 4 Week Course Hyper Dimension Movies Leeds VRML & Java3D  
AI8 Image Processing [Exam]
by Dr. Nick Efford
AI8 Handbook Khoros DIP Course Khoros [ftp] AP John M. Gauch Fractals Compression @ Waterloo
Iterated Ltd Fractal Image Encoding Pilot European Image Processing Archive An Introduction to Fourier Theory Fundamentals of DIP
OOP Object Oriented Programming (JAVA) [Exam]
by Dr. Willi O Riha
CIT Courseware OOP (C++) Tutorial
OOA, OOP, OOD! Lectures Florida Uni OOP Lectures
OOP: The 50-Cent Tour C++ FAQ, Text
C++ Libraries ANSI C++ Draft Standard
Object-Orientation FAQ Jokes on OO and OO Programming
Java.Sun Gamelan
Yahoo Java Java FAQ
Symantec Java Repository
Which is the Best Java Book? CoreJava
Generate Java Color Triangle Class random test data WinEdit
OO Bibliography The Booch method
OO Information Sources OO Programming and C++
Java Demos/Src The Java Tutorial
JavaSoft JavaWorld
Java, Java and More Java IBM Java Technology Centre
TeamJava Dippy Bird’s Java Documentation
Digital Cat's Java Resource Center Timothy JavaScript Examples (Huge)
Ezdotcom Java Script JavaScript Workshop
JavaScript 1.1 Manual Javascript:Developer
JavaScript FAQ JavaScript Guide
JavaScript Reference Netscape Manuals
JavaScript World Replacing your CGIs with Java servlets
Servlet Tutorial, SJDK Games: Golf, 3DBlox, RollerBoy, Warp, Dom, War, FI, Dugout, Fortess
Java Shareware Repository NMI's Java Code Viewer, Mocha | Local |
Reverse Engr: 1 2
Javascript on Spotlight (good) Cut & Paste Javascript, Tutorial, Applets

TC3 *Computational Graph Theory & Complexity

Algorithms and Ice Cream for All (Graph) Computational Geometry
Coursework in C++ Missionaries and Cannibals M&C in Stanford
M&C using Prolog M&C in Lisp
M&C for layman (Solution) Introduction to Game Theory
CS4 Advanced Computing and Multimedia Networks [Exam] by Dr. Mourad Kara 
Gigabit Networking Ohio ATM On-line Lectures
UCS NetLab Yahoo Comm. and Networking
Cat Javaslides ATM Tut. UNI ATM Tut.
Siemens ATM Tut. CS4 Clone in US
Ptrs to On-Line Quick Tut Ref  C&N Group ATM Tut.
KDD on ATM & B-ISDN (Color) 3Com 100mbp Ethernet w.paper
Cisco Adaptec
Fore Systems Byte - State of Art (ATM)
Andrew S. Tanenbaum The Cell-Relay Mailing List Archive
Ohio NW On-line Papers  
Softwright FutureLabs
Intel Microsoft
ITU CS4 Clone in US
Performance'96 IBM
AI11 *Pattern Recognition & Neural Network
by Dr. Roger Boyle
NN FAQ Backprop
Yahoo NN N Computing App Forum
HTML Text Book Intro to N Computing
Firenze Uni. US NN Page
Vir. Sw Lib Lenherr NeuroScience Page
NN Using GA 8 NN Source
NN Around the World Hidden Markov Modeling Tutorial
Hidden Markov Models for Interactive
Learning of Hand Gestures
An tutorial on HMM
EAGLES Tutorial on HMMs (LU)
SE9 *Programming Distributed and Parallel Systems
by Dr. C M N Tofts
Yahoo Supercomputing and Parallel Computing MHPCC PP Workshop
IEEE Concurrency Parallel Processing Courseware
High Performance Computing Sites Complete Parallel Computing Archive (yummy huge)
The Optimisation of Irregular Multiprocessor Computer Architectures using Genetic Algorithms

* Modules that I had attended but outside MSc scope

Semester 2 (Feb 97 - May 97)

AGR Advanced Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments [Exam] by Dr. L T P Fernando
Advanced Driving Simulator PC Demos Explained Heckbert's CG Links Jason's Demo Page
Digital Design Media
(CG Tutorial)
3D Graphics Book List Pixel Page (Links) Nerd World: CG
3d Engine List Best 3D Source Computer Graphics and Visualization What Is Virtual Reality?
Edinburgh Virtual Environment Center Toronto CG (Pub) Web CG Tutorial Ray Tracing Literature
Andrew Glassner ACM Trans. on Graphics IEEE Trans. on Vis. & CG EG Computer Graphics Forum
ACM Journal of Graphics Tools IEEE CG and Apps The Visual Computer CG Animation Journal
Eurographics SIGGRAPH IEEE Computer Society CG & Algo. Biblio.
Graphics Interface '97 '97 Parallel Rendering Sym. '97 Sym. on Int. 3D Graphics Calendar of CG Events
Transhuman CG (Huge) Siggraph 97 on the web Platform for Anim. & VR An a MAZEing game
FractLand Tutorial on Wavelet Analysis of Experimental Data SU Wavelet Java enabled Wavelet Tutorial
Robi Wavelet Tutorial, Mirror Java 3D API Intro. to VR An Intro to VR (with pic)
Quicktime VR Sunsite VR Graphics Gem I to V (src) Advisory Grp on CG
CJY Bolt3D Engine Blackhole CG Feda's CG Lecture Notes CICA CG Apps.
4Dice Andrew Hanson Fractal Links HyperGraph (CG Tutorial)
The 3D Engines List (LOTS of 3D engines) Jaw3D (Nullsoft's other 3D engine) Viewpoint Datalabs Big archive of free 3D models. Huge src of textures Texture Land
Open GL WWW Center Open GL Specs Pinhead OpenGL OpenGL Links (Huge)
SGI FAQ Usenet FAQ Sunsite FTP Glossary of Graphics Terms
Introduction to OpenGL Programming with OpenGL OpenGL - The Integration of Windowing and 3D Graphics OpenGL at IBM
Template Graphics Software OpenGL Physics Equations, Laws, Hypothesis and Principles Interfacing Java and VRML Polyhedron Database
Dev. Intro. to the Java 2D API Java 2D Java2D Home Page Another introduction to the java2d API
CG Education Tom's CG Topic List 70k VRML 97 Movie Future Crew
Java Game Development Center      
AI9 Computer Vision [Coursework 1][Coursework 2][Exam] by Dr. Roger Boyle and Prof. D C Hogg
BYU IP & CV Adam Human Motion Research Nick COMIR Research Machine Vision Book
Computer Vision Source Code Vista Epipolar Geometry Cardiff Vision Systems Course Doc
University of Massachusetts C.V. CV Home Pages Worldwide CMU CV Repository Sussex Computer Vision Teach Files
Annotated CV Bibliography SGI CV Links Vision and Image Processing Archive CMU CV
Doc. Image Understanding and OCR info. and resources Pattern Recognition Information Computer Vision Online Publications Face on Mars
The Face Recognition Home Page DIP & CV (PS files) Olivetti Research Limited Papers Edinburgh MSc, Prj96, Prj95
Online Tutorials of the ECVNet CVonline CV Bibliography CMU CV Demos (Goodies)
Edinburgh CV Demos Inria RobotVis Demos Proverbs, Opinions And Folklore Whelan MV Resources
Tony Heap Neil Sumpter Kia Ng PCA of Facial Images
Face Recognition Hp 3D Hand Tracker Active Vision Stereo Vision
CV for Support of Road Vehicle Drivers Andy Bulpitt Neil Johnson Aphrodite
Microsoft Vision Grp Tim Cootes NetLib: Repository of mathematical software  
MIT Mobile Robots Projects RVL Mobile Robot Navigation (FINALE) Selforganizing Visual Perception for Mobile Robot Navigation Oxford Robotics Research Group
Oxford Active Vision Group AMOR - An Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation System Yale Mobile Robot Navigation Japan Mobile Robot Research
Yamabico Robots      
VWE Virtual Working Environments [Coursework 1][Coursework 2][Exam] by Prof Peter Dew and Dr Lydia Lau
Adviser Richard Drew - VSP UMDL Teaching and Learning Project UMDL Publications
Stanford Uni DL Publications Stanford DL Project Virtual Science Park Distributed V. Eng.
NIIIP Organisation Tom Brink's CSCW & Groupware J.H. CSCW Lynda Applegate
CSCW Directory Katholieke Uni CSCW CSCW Bibliography UK CSCW SIG
GPS CSCW CSCW & Pong Pointers to CSCW & Groupware HCI archive
FTP Greenberg CSCW bibliography The unOfficial Yellow Pages of CSCW Collaborative Computing Sheffield Hallam University CSCW
BIBA collection of CSCW Ken Brodlie VWE 95/96 MIT Virtual Worlds Project Notes on OLE and CORBA
NIIIP Reference Sony Virtual Society Info Booth WWW, Proposal for a HyperText Project Tim Berners-Lee Audiograph Distance Learning
Fedex Microsoft Telepresence Grp    
Virtual Office KI Net Virtual Organization Research Widmeyer ECommerce
Commerce net The Customer Service Life Cycle: Looking Through the Customer's Eyes Cryptography and Electronic Commerce: Technologies, Standards & Infrastructure Demon CSCW
WebNotes CH Notes Resources ECommerce; A Special issue Telecommuting, Teleworking and alternative officing
BSCW, papers Aust Intranet Resources Intranet White Paper Netscape Intranet W.P.
BBS Theory Cool Groupware Sites Virtual Enterprises and Networked Solutions
Web-based Groupware Free JAVA Internet Conferencing Tools Zen of htpasswd, Mosaic User Authentication Tutorial, loopholes?, Gen passwd: 1 2 3 htpasswd Generator 1, 2, 3
pAuth, htpasswd Perl Source
Agility Forum
Design of Virtual Org.
Boundaryless Org.
Virtual Offices
Future Work Forum
Virtual Corporations
Virtual Enterprises
Virtual Organizations
Virtual Corporation
Virtuelle Organisation
BU Current Projects
Info. abt our current prj on VC
Info. abt the current prj on VC
Papers on Virtual Corporations
Biz Network Redesign-ETA
Virtual Corporations Offer Real Adv.
Forums, Research, Papers & Eg.
Extended Enterprises Spell Success
The Emergence of the Virt. Enterp.?
Agility Forum - Virt. Enterprise Group
Bending Space and Time: The Virt. Org.
Links on emergent org. forms & vir. org.
WWW home for research on Virt. Org.
The Virtual Corporation (TVC) Project
Communication Processes for Virt. Org.
Compet & Collab. Edge Thru Virt. Org.
Vega1-Project (CSS for Virtual Enterp.)
Struct. & Manag. Aspects of Virtual
EVENt (European Virtual Enterprise Net.)
Software Agents Group Dana Autonomous Agent Resources Links Is it an Agent, or just a Program?: A Taxonomy for Autonomous Agents Agent - Java
Intelligent Software Agents Slapd and Slurpd    
DMS Future Directions in Distributed Multimedia Systems [Coursework 1], [Movie Production], [Group Project] by Dr. Ken Brodlie
Squid Internet Object
Various Web Cache Server Web Cache URLs Introduction to Internet Protocols
QuickTime FAQ Virtual Sound Studio Project The Music Many Sound files
WAV Files Duplex MPEG Clips More MPEG Clips Sound America
Greatest Sights & Sounds library How to do a Good Video Bath Adaptive Video The Ultimate Movie Clips
Movie Clips MPEG Movie Clips QuickTime Movie Samples  
Matt's Perl CGI Scripts Perl and CGI Tutorial CGI-Resources  
Rougenet TodayOnline pcweek.960212 St Report Pathfinder 96Sep CNet.Browsers V3 CNet.Browsers V4b
Scorpio Netscape Microsoft IE, Reader Views, Compare Web Rating
Push Technology Browser Statistics, More    
SSL Netscape Key challenge Hackers Catalog, Software Cyber Toast
Visa ECommerce Yahoo B-Wars news PBS News (with Photographs) US Export of 56-bit encryption systems
Credit Cards Hacking      
Nationgroup Alta-Vista Search: Future online newspaper Online Newspaper Links (Huge) The Future of the Newspaper Industry: How Electronic Newspapers will Outrun their Competition.
Scotland's Independent Newspaper Electronic Telegraph Guardian Daily Record and Sunday mail
ScotMan New York Times The Gate USA Today
Straits Times RealAudio transmissions from top newsmakers (ST) Boston Online Bangkok Post
Korea Herald Jaring Korea Newspaper Apple Daily
Hong Kong Standard NISS News and current affairs    
On the Air WTKS Compuserve Alta Vista Search
Satellite Media Services Live Concert Virgin Radio RealAudio Radio Sites
Xing Technology Real Audio Technical Page Timecast LiveTV
Classic King FM 98.1 Classical Insites Chicago Sun-Times Music Previews Movie Sound tracks
Audio Sound tracks      
Renaissance Stuart Lovegrove Java Thoughts & Projects Installing a WWW Server
6th International WWW Conference Proceedings (Jakob Nielsen) Free Netscape Src Internet Traffic Report
WWW History 1945-1996 Architects of the Web (1000 days that built the future of business) 1994-97 W3C Web History UMN World Wide Web History Sites
ACGNJ World Wide Web History 1945-93      
AI12 *Constraint Satisfaction and Constraint Programming by Dr. Barbara Smith
Stuart Grant Constraint Satisfaction problems Essex Constraint Satisfaction Group Foundations of Constraint Satisfaction
N-Queens, Constraint Satisfaction, Local Search ACME Support for CSP    
OR6 *Scheduling and Constraint Management by Ann Kwan
Ray Kwan Leeds Uni, Work in Transport Scheduling
Leeds S&CM Edinburgh Evolutionary Computation Group
Related outstanding MSc Projects Vehicle Routing Problem
Comparing GENET and TABU SEARCH to the other CALMA approaches Case studies in transit schedule optimization
Planning and Scheduling Group Projects Planning and Scheduling SIG Information Resources (Good)
OP2 *Combinatorial Optimisation by Dr. Les Proll
Introduction to Evolutionary Computation (Good)
Optimisation and Scheduling of Open Pits via Genetic Algorithms and Simulated Annealing
Genetic Algorithms Simulated Annealing
David Carroll David Goldberg, IlliGAL
GA Archives AI Games

* Modules that I have attended but outside MSc scope

Brain Food:

Technical Magazine/Etc
Byte Magazine PC Magazine
Ziff  Dr. Dobbs Journal
Science Online Tech News
Web Review Journal Windows Internet Magazine
Ideal E-Journal NISS Computergram
(ilee001,dpfl6877 )
Computing Computerweekly
Donald Knuth Webster's dictionary
Technical Reports/Publication/Resource
Waikato CS Tech Search Uni. of Dortmund
CS Journals+Search
Algorithmica Technology Encyclopedia
FTP Rutgers technical-reports Burks CD
Natural Intelligence in Artifical Animals Aquazone
Cyberlife Fin Fin
Fujitsu Interactive Official Creatures Website
Oz Project Teo World
Brown's ALife Santa's ALife
The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Evolutionary Computation ALife FAQ
Keeley's Alife Alma
ELIZA Source: CMU Useful AI-Related Pages
AI Tutorials  
Prime Numbers Mother of FAQ
Hackers Catalog, Software Cyber Toast
Naughty Year 2000 Compliance Issues
IBM Patent Server  
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