Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

2000 Class List

Group A


Vincent Lim
Elgin Joshua How SW
Lim Lay Tin
Leo Lip Wee
Group B


Simon Yeung T C
Eric Han V K
Ronald Quek T G
Low Kok Leong
Group C


Lee Chir Leng
Lew Chee Wee
Song Yick Terng
Yeo Ghim Joo
Group D


Lee Chee Gee
Michael Sim L H
Tan Mui Choo
Ng Tang Kee
Group E


Chay Ca-Min
Dora Chua
Felice Peck    
Group F


Prasobhan Choei Kannaran
Mohamad Sayushul Alkaf
Remi Erwan Bin Senin
Mohamad Zulkifli B Mohd Amin
Group G


Azizah Abdullah
Haji Hasnadi Hassan
Yu Toh Lang
Assignment 1 Presentation Topics:

Group A:
Topic 9.2 "Discuss whether current web pages comply with these seven design principles of graphic design"
Group B: Topic 6.1 "Illustrate three examples of different menu driven systems and discuss"
Group C:
Topic 7.5 "What social impact has the rapid growth of the World Wide Web made on society (education focus)?"
Group D:
Topic 5.5 "What is available in current technology to provide for virtual reality? Provide examples of usage of this technology and discuss."
Group E:
Topic 7.4 "What are some of the design issues to consider in creating a web site?"
Group F:
Topic 12 "Discuss the future trends of Human Computer Interaction. Constrain yourself to a time period (eg. 2001 to 2020 or 2001 to 2010 or even 2001 to 2050)."
Group G:
Topic 7.3 "What are the educational issues to be considered for on-line learning?"

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