Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
Bachelor in Multimedia Studies

SG Lecturer: Tralvex Yeap, email
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Course Schedule
Date Time (pm) Programme Slides
15 Nov
7.15pm -
o N-ways Introduction
o Outline of module and teaching methods

o M1. Introduction to HCI
o M2. Human Aspects
o Reading 1: “A Taxonomy of Human Computer Interaction”
o Reading 2: “Using Theories of Perception in Computer Design”
o ACM Publications on Computer-Human Interaction
o US HCI Patents / Inventions
o Assignment 1 Discussion
29 Nov
7.15pm -

o M3. Design Methods and HCI
o M4. Iterative Design, Testing and Evaluation
o Assignment 2 Discussion
o M5. Interaction devices, Response time and Display Rates
o Reading 1: “New Technological Windows into Mind: There is More in Eyes and Brains for Human-Computer Interaction”
o Reading 2: “Usability Heuristics for the Web” by Keith Instone
o “Design Principles” by Mark D. Huang (Ben 8 Golden Rules)
o “Web Design Guidelines Design in action” from IBM Easy
o Search Engine Secrets

7 Dec
7.15pm -

o M6. Interaction Styles
o M7. Multimedia, Hypertext and The World Wide Web
o Assignment 1 Presentations - Group A
o Reading 1: "Multimedia and Hypertext – The Internet and Beyond" by Jakob Nielsen
o Reading 2: "Web Reviews - Internet World magazine's 'Deconstructing' series"
o Critical Analysis on Samples of Assignment 1: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

27 Dec
7.15pm -
o M8. Perception, Representation and Windowing Systems
o M9. Design and Graphics Design in Computer Human Interaction
o Assignment 1 Presentations - Group B
o Reading 1: "Web Pages that Suck"
o Reading 2: "I’d Rather Play Computer Games Than Do Real Work. Wouldn’t You?” (games usability test results)
o Reading 3: "Instructional Design Lessons Technical Communicators Can Learn From Games”
9 Jan
7.15pm -
o M10. User Support and Online Information
o M11. Guidelines, Standards, Prototyping and GUI Software and S Support Tools
o M12. Social and Individual Impact
o Assignment 1 Presentations - Group C
o Extra: Future Trends & The Road Ahead
o Paper 1:Strategic Directions in Human Computer Interaction
o Paper 2: Predicting Text Entry Speed on Mobile Phones
o Paper 3: Face to InterFace: Facial Affect in (Hu)Man and Machine
o Paper 4: Charting Past, Present, and Future Research in Ubiquitous Computing
o Paper 5: Beyond HCI - towards Information Interaction
o Paper 6: US Patent 6,081,750 "Ergonomic man-machine interface incorporating adaptive pattern recognition based control system"

5 Feb
7.15pm -
o Assignment 3 Presentations - Group A, B & C

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Recommended Books

 Human-Computer Interaction
by Jenny Preece, Yvonne Rogers, Helen Sharp, David Benyon

An overview of the HCI field, illustrating the benefits of a user- oriented approach to the design of modern computer systems and emphasizing the design of interactive systems. Describes the interplay between people and computers in applications such as multimedia, virtual environments, and computer-supported cooperative work, and includes interviews with leading researchers in the field. For students of computer science, psychology, and cognitive science. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or. 

This book discusses all the central issues of human-computer interaction (HCI), and shows --via a wealth of examples--how HCI helps in the design of more efficient and usable systems. Throughout the book, there is a strong emphasis on design and how user-centered design helps produce systems that are more efficient and enjoyable. Interviews with the leaders in HCI give added insight into how key concepts and techniques have evolved. Detailed Review


Human-Computer Interaction
by Alan J. Dix (Editor), Janet E. Finlay, Gregory D. Abowd (Contributor), russel Beale, Janet E. Finley (Contributor), Russell Beale

Extensively revised and rewritten in light of recent advances, this best-selling book is a comprehensive examination of human-computer interaction. It provides a multi-disciplinary approach to the subject through a synthesis of computer science, cognitive science, psychology and sociology, and stresses a principled approach to interactive systems design that fits a software engineering environment.


Designing the User Interface : Strategies for Effective Human-Computer Interaction by Ben Shneiderman

In this revised and updated presentation of user interface design for designers, managers, and evaluators of interactive systems, Shneiderman (computer science, U. of Maryland) discusses the underlying issues, principles, and empirical results, and describes practical guidelines and techniques necessary to realize an effective design.

This substantial revision expands upon the first edition's broad coverage of key topics in the field of user interface design. The second edition highlights major issues in human factors, and combines descriptions of theoretical underpinnings with practical applications. Parent Website


Readings in Human-Computer Interaction : Toward the Year 2,000 by Ronald M. Baecker (Editor), William Buxton (Editor), Jonathan Grudin (Editor)

Human-computer interaction is the scientific field that studies human use of computer technology and the appropriate design of interfaces. This volume provides an overview of the significant concepts and results in the field and a comprehensive guide to the research literature. It combines key articles and case studies with synthesizing survey material and analysis by the editors. Over 90% of the papers are new to this revised and updated edition.

Drawing on research from diverse fields such as graphic and industrial design, cognition and group process, this collection presents the important results of the emerging design science of human-computer. The book will serve as a resource for system designers, cognitive scientists, and anyone concerned with the effectiveness of user-computer interfaces.

Useful Documents

i-pdf.gif (151 bytes) HCI Course (Unit) Profile - 2000, alt
i-pdf.gif (151 bytes) HCI Resource Book (30mb)
i-pdf.gif (151 bytes) HCI Study Book (5.5mb)
Web Pages That Sucks (Book, Chapter 2)
Template for HCI Assignment 1 Presentation Group Critique

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Class List: 2000, 2001a, 2001b
Past/Present Assignment

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Selected Student's Works

Ethan (2000)

Lay Tin (2000)

Leo (2000)

Tang Kee (2000)

Vincent (2000)

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Web Resource

On-campus HCI Web Links
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) HCI: 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997
Sample Prototypes for Assignment 3
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) VB Tutorial: 1998, 1999a, 1999b
On-line Computing Resources
Free Magazines
Evolving Enterprise PC Magazine
Byte Dr. Dobbs Journal
Ziff Magazines News
Web Review Windows Magazine
PC Pro Personal Computer World
Computer Science Journals (Hardcore) CS Lecture Notes
Computer Sciences Workshop Proceedings/Books (online)
Dictionary of Computing Tech Encyclopedia Technology Glossary Webster Dictionary
Roget's Thesaurus Harvard Referencing


HCI Lectures (with online notes)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Calgary (with good articles), Research Methologies b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Graz University of Technology 
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Maryland, Case Studies used, Tech Reports b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Nebraska at Omaha, University, with good case papers
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Stanford: Seminar on People, Computers, and Design, Video b-purp.gif (427 bytes) HCI Technology (Stanford)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Lectures using "Designing the User Interface : Strategies for Effective Human-Computer Interaction" b-purp.gif (427 bytes) GMU
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Interactive Systems Design, video clips b-purp.gif (427 bytes) UI Development (CMU)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) HCI Design SJSU b-purp.gif (427 bytes) HCI (LUT)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) HCI Technology (Princeton) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) HCI (ISI)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Applied HCI (SU) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) HCI @ Brint (many articles)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) UI Design, Prototyping, and Evaluation (UC) - V. Good  b-purp.gif (427 bytes) HCI (DU) - with articles
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) HCI (Gatech) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Research Topics in HCI (Berkeley) - Good, with good article
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Information Visualization and
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) HCI (Tamu)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Argus Clearinghouse b-purp.gif (427 bytes)


b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Human-Computer Interaction Resources on the Net (Portal) R&D Labs & Projects, Companies, Org, People, WebURLs, Bibliographies and Publications
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) The HCI TIP (Theses In Progress) List b-purp.gif (427 bytes) HCI-Sites @ ACM SIGCHI (Portal)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) HCI Bibliography (Good) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Curricula for Human-Computer Interaction (ACM)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) CHI Tutorials: 96, 97, 98, 99 (ACM SIGCHI) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) ACM SIGCHI HCI Education Survey
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) HCI Links @ Napier b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Papers and Essays by Jakob Nielsen (including Website Review Section - "Reviews for Internet World magazine's "Deconstructing" series")
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) HCI Tools Online (Good) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Collection of HCI Websites


1. Introduction to HCI
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Definition of HCI: SIGCHI,, FOLDOC, UNSW b-green.gif (399 bytes) Introduction to HCI (SIGCHI)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) A Taxonomy of Human Computer Interaction b-green.gif (399 bytes) Intro (Calgary)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) History of Human Computer Interaction (Calgary) b-green.gif (399 bytes) HCI Overview (Omaha)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) b-green.gif (399 bytes)


2. Human Aspects
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Psychology of Everyday Things (Calgary) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Cognition and Perception  (Omaha)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Attention and Memory  (Omaha) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Knowledge and Mental Models  (Omaha)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) TOG First Principles b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Towards Accessible Human-Computer Interaction, SUN-HCI


3. Design Methods and HCI
HCI Resources: Method and process Task-Centered System Design (Calgary)

Metaphors and Conceptual Models  (Omaha)

User & Task Analysis (Omaha)


4. Iterative Design, Testing and Evaluation
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) User Centered Design and Prototyping (Calgary) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Evaluating Interfaces with Users: Qualitative Methods (Calgary)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Design Guidelines and Usability Heuristics (Calgary) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Errors and Learning (Omaha)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Heuristic Evaluation (Omaha) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) User Testing  (Omaha)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Usability Heuristics for the Web b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Usability Articles/Papers (WebReview)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) IBM Easy (Good Portal) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Eliciting and Describing Users’ Models of Computer Systems
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) b-purp.gif (427 bytes)


5. Interaction devices, Response time and Display Rates
b-green.gif (399 bytes) HMD/VR-helmet Comparison Chart b-green.gif (399 bytes) HMD Comparison Table
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Market Map (Stock Market Visualization) b-green.gif (399 bytes)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) b-green.gif (399 bytes)


6. Interaction Styles
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Fundamentals of Designing User Interaction (MSBook) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)


7. Multimedia, Hypertext and The World Wide Web
Multimedia and Hypertext - The Internet and Beyond (paper) book, future Amateur Web Sites - the Top Ten Signs 
Web Pages that Suck . com Archive - Worst of Web


8. Perception, Representation and Windowing Systems
b-purp.gif (427 bytes)

Radiosity for Virtual Reality Systems (Tralvex's MSc Thesis)

b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Hot Virtual Reality Sites
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Beyond Simple Screen Design (Calgary) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Graphical Screen Design (Calgary)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Displays (Omaha) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Automation (Omaha)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) b-purp.gif (427 bytes)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) b-purp.gif (427 bytes)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) b-purp.gif (427 bytes)


9. Design and Graphics Design in Computer Human Interaction
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Bad Human Factors Designs b-green.gif (399 bytes) Graphics and Web Design Based on Edward Tufte's Principles
b-green.gif (399 bytes) ThinkQuest, SG Website Competition b-green.gif (399 bytes)


10. User Support and Online Information
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Methods and Standards for User Centered Design AND User Support and Online Information/Documentation b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Paper on "Hypertext and Hypermedia"
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Hypertext FAQ b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)


11. Guidelines, Standards, Prototyping and GUI Software and Support Tools

HCI Resources: Guidelines, styleguides, standards 

Design Mockups (Omaha)
Use Ergonomics Standards For Procurement And Design Interface Hall of Shame


12. Social and Individual Impact
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) b-purp.gif (427 bytes)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) b-purp.gif (427 bytes)


13. Future Trends & The Road Ahead
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Visions of the Future (Calgary) b-green.gif (399 bytes) Interfaces for the Future
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Future Research Directions in Human-Computer Interaction (1996) b-green.gif (399 bytes) Recommended Books on the Future of User Interface
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Future of HCI (Drexel) b-green.gif (399 bytes) Current and Future HCI Standards
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Ubiquitous Computing: The Impact on Future Interaction Paradigms and HCI Research (1997) b-green.gif (399 bytes) The Social Implications of Future Forms of Human Computer Interaction 
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Community of the Future (New visions of information technology products in everyday) b-green.gif (399 bytes) 2000 Colloquium Series (HCI related)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Beyond HCI - towards Information Interaction b-green.gif (399 bytes) The Future of Wearable Computing
b-green.gif (399 bytes)

Future Computing Environments

b-green.gif (399 bytes) Trends in HCI - R&D
b-green.gif (399 bytes) More than Screen Deep (online book) b-green.gif (399 bytes)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) b-green.gif (399 bytes)


Visual BASIC Tutorials
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Leeds (Simple & Good) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) The Three Elements of Visual Basic Programming
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Carl and Gary's VB Homepage b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) GUI Programming I
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Paul's VB PDF Tutorials b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)


Flash Tutorials
Macromedia Tutorials on Flash, white paper Flash Academy
Simple Tutorial Flash Lite
FlashZone Virtual FX Tutorial
Flasherweb Flash Central
Flash Planet Flash Kit Tutorials (with categories)
Echo Echo Tutorials Flash @ Cnet
Turtleshell Tutorials (Basic & Advanced Topics) zinc Roe Flash
Flash Documentation Flash Resources
Were-here Tutorials (with categories) Flash from Webmonkey
Flash Challenge (Competitive Flash Sites for competition) Collection of Flash Sites


b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Business Solution Center b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Singapore IT2000 Masterplan
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Search Engines Tutorial: 1 | 2 | 3 b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Search Engine Watch
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) b-purp.gif (427 bytes)

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