E-Business Strategy (EBS)






This is a  RESTRICTED examination 
The examination is worth a total of 100 marks, 3hrs paper 
Students are to attempt all questions 
The use of non-programmable calculators is permitted 
Examination papers are to be handed in with your answer booklets at the end of the examination.
Students are not permitted to retain this blue examination paper.

Question 1

Explain the meaning of the following terms and give an example of each:

  • Intermediaries

  • Extranet

  • Domain name

  • Cookies

  • Hotlink

  • Just In Time

                                                                                                (12 marks)


Question 2

Explain what is meant by the concepts, ‘thin-client’ and ‘fat-client’

                                                                                                 (4 marks)


Question 3

Explain the advantages and limitations of Internet banking

(4 marks)


Question 4

Explain the function of CGI script on Web based systems. Illustrate your answer with an example

(4 marks)


Question 5

Discuss two strategic priorities that government should be considering to facilitate business on the Internet. 

(6 marks)

Question 6

a)  Describe and contrast B2B and B2C transactions

(4 marks)

b)   The sophistication and complexity of Web applications has been continually increasing. In this context explain what is meant by ‘database integration’.

(4 marks)


Question 7

(a)  List and fully describe four benefits of electronic commerce. Provide an example for each to illustrate your answer.

                                                                                                 (4 marks)

b) In this course you were presented with the 5 Ms of Internet marketing. One of the Ms was Internet marketing mistakes. Describe three such Internet marketing mistakes.

                                                                                                 (6 marks)


Question 8

a) Describe how public-key encryption could provide a ‘digital signature’ for a document sent over a network.

(6 marks)

b) Explain the role of a certification Authority (CA)

(3 marks)


Question 9

a)   What are some of the factors that impinge on what is regarded as the applicable law to an international contract? What specific problems are raised by the Internet in this context? 

(4 marks)

b) Describe the most crucial legal issues for a person selling goods to overseas consumers via the Internet. 

(4 marks)


Question 10

Web page technologies have undergone three phases. List and explain each of these phases.

                                                                                                 (5 marks)


Question 11

Several models of electronic commerce have emerged in recent times. Explain two such models. Describe what specific strategies would need to be adopted in your chosen models for successful electronic business to occur.

                                                                                                 (10 marks)


Question  12

What types of organizations would gain the most advantage from implementation of EDI systems?  List and explain the pros and cons of such implementation. 

(10 marks)


Question  13

Explain the concept of database marketing as it relates to the operation of e-business. What should a marketing manager expect as an outcome of using database marketing in an e-business environment? 

(10 marks)

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