E-Business Strategy (EBS)
Master of Business Administration

Unit Leader (AU): Andy Koronios, email
SG Lecturer: Tralvex Yeap, email
EBS Website: http://tralvex.com/ebs

Course Schedule url
Date Time (pm) Programme Slides
27 Jul
7 - 10pm o N-ways Introduction
o Outline of module and teaching methods

o EBS Introduction Book
o EBS Study Book
o Third Generation E-Business Video (Intel)
o Module 1. Introduction to e-Business
o Module 2. Technologies for Electronic Business
o Module 3. Internet Marketing
o Assignment 1 Discussion
o Case Studies (3x), Discussion
o Additional Materials for L1
o Internet Statistics - Winter 2000 (Iconocast)
o Origins of "Electronic Commerce","Electronic Business" and "Internet Commerce"
o NUA Internet Surveys (with good Articles sorted by industry)
o 32 Internet Marketing Techniques
o The Clickable Corporation: "Click with Information"
o E-commerce beyond 2000
o Hobbes' Internet Timeline v5.1, src-url
o The Emerging Digital Economy II
10 Aug
7 - 10pm

o Module 4. Strategies for database marketing
o Module 5. Business-to-Business Transactions: EDI, Intranets, & Extranets
o Assignment 1 Discussion (cont)
o Case Studies, Discussion
o Additional Materials for L2
o E-Business in the Supply Chain (IBM Solutions – SC)
o Clickable Corporation: Chapter 7 “Click with Community”
o A Practical Guide to Investing in Internet Businesses
o Web Server Statistics - JSAIC (Intelligence gathering purposes)
o IBM Business Intelligence Video (Introduction only)
o Who's Next (15 Industry Segments Bracing for Net Change)

24 Aug
7 - 10pm o Module 6. Internet Payments & Banking 
o Module 7. Security Issues in Electronic Commerce
o Assignment 2 Discussion
o Case Studies, Discussion
o Additional Materials for L3
o An Overview of Security Issues for Electronic Commerce and Electronic Service Delivery
o Business Models on the Web
o Net by Numbers - Jan 2000
14 Sep
7 - 10pm o Module 8. Legal & Ethical Issues
o Module 9. Tax & Electronic Commerce
o Module 10. Government Policies
o Video on What e-Business issues are keeping CEOs up at night? (Digital Transformation)
o Future Trends 
o Case Studies, Discussion
o Past Year Exam Trends Analysis
o Additional Materials for L4
o E-Commerce: What Lies Ahead?
o The Future of Electronic Commerce
o Legal Aspects of Internet Commerce
o A Framework for Global Electronic Commerce
o Australia-United States, Joint Statement on Electronic Commerce
o A Strategic Framework for the Information Economy
    Video Conferencing  
    Faculty Visit  
6 - 24 Nov   Examinations (50%)  

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Text Books


Electronic Commerce
by James T. Perry, Gary Schneider (Dec 1999) [University Textbook]

Electronic Commerce is a complete introduction to the world of electronic commerce, including balanced coverage of technical and business topics. Case studies and plentiful business examples complement conceptual coverage to provide a real-world context. Implementation strategies are analyzed, using examples of both successful and unsuccessful implementations. Publisher Site, Electronic Commerce Online Companion 

Chapter 1

The Clickable Corporation: Successful Strategies for Capturing the Internet Advantage by Jonathan Rosenoer, Douglas Armstrong, J. Russell Gates (Jul 1999)  [Tralvex's Recommendation]

From garage startups to international conglomerates, businesses from all over the world are jumping onto the Net faster than you can say, "Click here," seeking ways to turn prospective online endeavors into bona fide profit centers. In The Clickable Corporation, Arthur Andersen consulting firm executives Jonathan Rosenoer, Douglas Armstrong, and J. Russell Gates look at how 25 notable enterprises already are turning "trillions of mouse clicks into solid sales." Aimed at those who remain "dubious, confused, or simply uninformed about the Web's ability to sell their products or services," it focuses on definable benefits that draw customers to successful cyberventures: information, choice, convenience, customization, savings, community, entertainment, and trust. For example, it notes, Autobytel.com converts about 20 percent of car-dealer referrals into sales by creating a nonthreatening environment where shoppers can fully and leisurely investigate potential purchases. Likewise, FedEx is succeeding online because it puts customers in complete control of their transactions, while Northwest Airlines is filling undersold flights by making empty seats available on the Web at a discount. The Clickable Corporation is a quick overview for managers whose companies are struggling to find a handle on the Internet and e-commerce.

Provides a strategic view of case studies of 25 well-known companies engaged in e-commerce. Their studies reveal how any company can capture meaningful Internet advantage for its stakeholders whether they are shareholders, business partners, or customers. DLC: Business enterprises--Computer networks.b


E-Business : Roadmap for Success by Ravi Kalakota, Marcia Robinson, Don Tapscott (Jun 1999)  [Tralvex's Recommendation]

To the uninitiated, e-business refers solely to the process of buying and selling goods over the Net. In our increasingly interactive age, however, it actually means much more. e-Business: Roadmap for Success, by Ravi Kalakota and Marcia Robinson, defines the term as "the complex fusion of business processes, enterprise applications and organizational structure necessary to create a high-performance business model." Kalakota and Robinson--specialists in the field who serve as founder-CEO and president, respectively, of a company called e-Business Strategies--show how to employ its tenets to compete more effectively in today's brave new world. Aiming at managers who recognize the need to plan and implement just such a course of action, the authors (with help from some pioneers currently practicing these techniques) offer solid advice for designing interrelated strategies focused on customer relationships, resource planning, order management, and supply chains, and on evaluating investments needed to make them a reality. Describing efforts undertaken by successful e-businesses such as Charles Schwab, which adopted a system that provides sales reps with real-time access to information on customers and appropriate new products, the two chart the course that trailblazing companies are following and savvy business people would be wise to emulate. Book website, Publisher website, TOC b



Electronic Commerce : A Manager's Guide
by Ravi Kalakota, Andrew B. Whinston (Dec 1996)

Electronic Commerce is a compact illustration of the issues and environment of electronic commerce. This book is designed to prepare business decision makers for the "new" economic model of electronic selling and buying, and describes what challenges are to be met. The authors emphasize the challenges and opportunities of conducting business on the information superhighway. Publisher Website, TOC  b

PS: Good for the very busy people or managers.

Exploring E-Commerce, Global E-Business and E-Society by Craig Fellenstein, Ron Wood (Dec 1996)  [Tralvex's Recommendation]

The executive guide to eCommerce: strategy, technology, relationships, and beyond.

No matter how large or small your enterprise, you need a coherent strategy for incorporating eCommerce into your business model. In Exploring eCommerce, Global eBusiness, and eSocieties, two of IBM's top eCommerce experts address every critical business, competitive, and technological challenge you face in defining and implementing your optimal eCommerce strategy. Discover how your company can leverage the key enablers of eCommerce-and take full advantage of the dramatic changes the Internet is driving throughout society. Coverage includes: eBusiness value chain management: improving your key customer and supplier relationships eBusiness intelligence: new techniques for anticipating your customers' needs and desires eCommerce, eSocieties, eGovernments, and the extended eBusiness enterprise Design quality: quantifying your site's usability, "stickiness," and value eBusiness models for financial services, manufacturing, and other key markets. Publisher Website + TOC b

Useful Documents

i-pdf.gif (151 bytes) E-Business Strategy Introduction Book 2000b (1.3mb)
EBS Study Book (5.5mb)
i-pdf.gif (151 bytes) IBM E-Symposium
Date :
1st & 2nd August 2000, Time : 9.00am to 5.15pm
Venue : Grand Hyatt, Singapore - Grand Ballroom, 10-12 Scotts Road Singapore 228211

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Class List: 2000
Past/Present Assignment, Examination

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Web Resource

On-line Computing Resources
Free Magazines
Evolving Enterprise PC Magazine
Byte Dr. Dobbs Journal
Ziff Magazines News
Web Review Windows Magazine
PC Pro Personal Computer World
Computer Science Journals (Hardcore) CS Lecture Notes
eCollection of IT/IS Full Textbooks
E-Commerce Webopedia EC Dictionary
Dictionary of Computing Tech Encyclopedia
Whatis.com Technology Glossary
Dictionary.com Webster Dictionary
Roget's Thesaurus Harvard Referencing
EBiz EComm Journals
International Journal of Electronic Commerce (CBA) CIO Enterprise
WebBusiness CIO Special Issue on Electronic Commerce (ASCUSC)
Int'l Journal of EC and Business Media Trends in Distributed Systems for Electronic Commerce (free & good)
Business Week, June 22, 1998 "Doing Business in the Internet Age" Small Business Library: Read Chapter 1 of various books free
e-Commerce / e-Business Books Electronic Market Journal
eBusiness (Magazine, not free) e-First (Magazine, not free)
EBiz EComm Market Report / Video
B-Business: Trends, Strategies, and Technologies Detail outline  (Cutter IC, $1,400 rpt)  SiliconReport Video on ECommerce


E-Business  (Academia)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) E-Business Strategy (USF), with good case studies b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Electronic Business (UNL)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) International Electronic Commerce v4.0 (NTU), 1997, 6732 b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Electronic Commerce (UC)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Electronic Commerce (UCal) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Electronic Commerce (CNJ)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Electronic Commerce (Clayton) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Electronic Commerce (UMN)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Electronic Commerce (BC) b-purp.gif (427 bytes)

Electronic Commerce (DU)

b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Electronic Commerce  (GWU) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Electronic Commerce (Monash1002)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Introduction to EC (Monash 9601), Structure, alt b-purp.gif (427 bytes)

IT and EC by Case Studies (NYU)

b-purp.gif (427 bytes)

Design & Strategies for Internet Commerce (DePaul)

b-purp.gif (427 bytes)

Marketing and Electronic Commerce (UPenn)

b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Secure Electronic Commerce (RMIT) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Economics of Networks and Electronic Commerce, with good papers (Columbia)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Internet Commerce (MSU) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Electronic Commerce (Bond)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Conducting E-business Successfully (iLearn) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Industrial Applications of Electronic Commerce (HKU)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Security for Electronic Commerce (Rutgers) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Papers on Electronic Publishing and Electronic Commerce (AT&T), all
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) EC (within MIS/WSU)  b-purp.gif (427 bytes) EC (within MIS/CBA)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Electronic Commerce (ISI), urls b-purp.gif (427 bytes) EC (within SMIT)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) EBiz Publications @ CITESEER b-purp.gif (427 bytes) EC (within ISM/USQ)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Electronic Commerce Course Syllabi Page (CBPA) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) EC Publications @ CITESEER
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) EC@MIT Publications, all, top10 b-purp.gif (427 bytes) EC: Security, Risk Management and Control (UGA)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) IBM Institute of Advanced Commerce, pub b-purp.gif (427 bytes) EC & European Union


E-Business (Commercial / Public)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) IBM E-Business ("Father" of E-business), SG, pub b-green.gif (399 bytes) EB @ PriceWaterHouseCoopers, alt
b-green.gif (399 bytes) EC @ Antherson Consulting, pub b-green.gif (399 bytes) EB @ Authur Anderson Consulting, pub
b-green.gif (399 bytes) EB @ Ernst & Young, pub b-green.gif (399 bytes) EB @ Deloitte Consulting, pub
b-green.gif (399 bytes) EB @ KMPG, Digital Transformation b-green.gif (399 bytes) EC @ Sun
b-green.gif (399 bytes) EC Guide b-green.gif (399 bytes) EC @ Brint.com, Brint.com
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Roger Clarke's EC Pages  b-green.gif (399 bytes) Internet Commerce (many good EC/IC articles)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Secure Electronic Commerce (IBM-Zurich), with papers b-green.gif (399 bytes) Electronic Commerce 1999 (Info Lab)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) EC @ Yahoo b-green.gif (399 bytes) Books on EC & Digital Economy
b-green.gif (399 bytes) 3rd Generation Internet Business (Intel), video (asf format) b-green.gif (399 bytes) Iconocast Webattach Presentation Slides 
(plentiful, Jun 2000)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Commerce net b-green.gif (399 bytes) Widmeyer ECommerce
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Electronic Money: Preparing the Stage b-green.gif (399 bytes) US Govt EC (Many publications!)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Understanding Digital Economy (US Gov) b-green.gif (399 bytes) FAQ on E-commerce
b-green.gif (399 bytes) The Emerging Digital Economy II  (US Gov, 1999) b-green.gif (399 bytes) The Emerging Digital Economy  (US Gov, 1998)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) International GOV Sites on EC b-green.gif (399 bytes) Important US Documents on EC Policy
b-green.gif (399 bytes) National Office for Information Economy (Australia) publications b-green.gif (399 bytes) SG E-Commerce GOV (IDA)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Towards the Age of the Digital Economy (Japan) b-green.gif (399 bytes) Putting Australia on the New Silk Road (Publication)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) 12 Case Studies from Intel EB b-green.gif (399 bytes) http://ecommerce.internet.com/
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Books on E-Business b-green.gif (399 bytes) AboutPortal.com (Good EB articles)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) EC @ WIPO b-green.gif (399 bytes) Defining and Measuring E-commerce: A Status Report OECD pdf
b-green.gif (399 bytes)

Conference on "The Measurement of EC", Dec 1999, Singapore (many papers)

b-green.gif (399 bytes) European Commission (1997)  "A European Initiative in Electronic Commerce"
b-green.gif (399 bytes) The Internet Economy Indicators b-green.gif (399 bytes) Workshop on E-Commerce: Program on Output and Productivity Measurement in the Service Sector (proceedings)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Epicor 2000: The Strategy (EB Strategy with Epicor Products, detail white paper) b-green.gif (399 bytes) EB Solutions @ SAP
b-green.gif (399 bytes)

International Workshop on
Component-based Electronic Commerce
July 25, 1998

b-green.gif (399 bytes) EB Conference @ St. Catherine's College Oxford Uni - proceedings
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Dismantling the Barriers to Global Electronic Commerce b-green.gif (399 bytes) EC-related Bookmarks for Margaret Turner (Good)


M1: Introduction to e-Business
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Origins of "Electronic Commerce", "Electronic Business" and "Internet Commerce" b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)

E-Commerce Tutorial

b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) EC: Introduction & Challenges, ppt
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) 10 questions about E-commerce (Cnet)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Defying Definition (US Gov) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Internet History (many sources)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Hobbes' Internet Timeline v5.1 b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) EC: Third Wave (from Enterprise E-Commerce book)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) An Introduction to E-Commerce (CC Mag) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Difference between E-Commerce and E-Business? Edgemail | TR.Net | CLMag | CA | Inquirer | Strategis
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Primer on Electronic Commerce and Intellectual Property Issues (WIPO) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) What is EC? (IBM, w. ref AS/400)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) EC Tutorial b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) EC FAQ
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) EC Demographics and Market Research b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) The Standard for Internet Commerce
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Electronic Commerce - An Introduction b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Electronic Commerce: a challenge for Europe
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) World of Visa Secure Electronic Commerce b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)


M2: Technologies for Electronic Business
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Information Systems for Managers b-green.gif (399 bytes) EC Software
b-green.gif (399 bytes)

Electronic Commerce Architectures

b-green.gif (399 bytes) EB Automation Toolkit - free


M3: Internet Marketing
Direct Marketing's Future
In Electronic Commerce
(US Ecomm)
32 Internet Marketing Techniques (Ecnow.com)
Discovering Internet Marketing Intelligence through Web Log Mining (paper) Internet Marketing books
NUA Internet Surveys (many industries) Web Marketing Today (Ezine)
eMarketer (News) Netrageous
e-Targeting (Naviant) "Aureate / Radiate" Spyware Engine
Dark Side of "Aureate / Radiate"

Marketing On the Internet: Strategies and Techniques

Marketing Strategies for Software Companies Yahoo B2B Marketing and Advertising
Case Studies from Be-Now Unleashing the Ideavirus (eBook), Amazon


M4: Strategies for database marketing (and direct marketing)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Database Marketing - An Overview, Interdirect b-purp.gif (427 bytes) The What & Why of Database Marketing
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Ten Strategies For Database Marketing (General) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Software Tools for Database Marketing (Data Mining, OLAP, DSS, Data Warehousing, ...)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) From Data Mining to Database Marketing paper b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Definition & Usage of Database Marketing 
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Database Marketing articles (ECWorld) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Database Marketing 101: Part 1, Part 2
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Direct Marketing 101 b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Direct Marketing: Traditional / Multi-media
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Direct Marketing News b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Direct Marketing Online discussion list
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) DirectMagazine b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Direct Marketing portal
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Direct Marketing urls (Nerdworld) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Email Direct Marketing
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Case Studies: Direct Marketing (DoubleClick) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Direct Marketing (Appropriate Tech Transfer for Rural Areas)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Ten Tips for Successful Direct Marketing Banners on the Web b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Direct Marketing news (MarketingClick)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Direct Marketing Association publications, whitepaper, DM Overview, alt b-purp.gif (427 bytes) What is Direct Marketing? MktInsights | liondog | Hayford | Mailrite | SIU
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) b-purp.gif (427 bytes)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) b-purp.gif (427 bytes)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) b-purp.gif (427 bytes)
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) b-purp.gif (427 bytes)


M5: Business-to-Business Transactions: EDI, Intranets, & Extranets
B2B (inclusive of SCM)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) B2B EC: Market Landscape and Solutions  (3Com paper) b-green.gif (399 bytes) e-Commerce Software Packages
b-green.gif (399 bytes) SCM @ IBM, Supply Chain Story - Webcast b-green.gif (399 bytes) List of SCM Companies (DMOZ)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) SCM @ 3Com b-green.gif (399 bytes) EDI Research
b-green.gif (399 bytes) ERP Systems -- Using IT to gain a competitive advantage, paper b-green.gif (399 bytes) B2B e-commerce heads for light-speed growth 
B2C (inclusive of CRM)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) List of CRM Companies (DMOZ) b-green.gif (399 bytes) Customer Relationship Management: High-Availability Networks Enable B2C E-Business (3Cpm, paper)
b-green.gif (399 bytes) b-green.gif (399 bytes)
Internet Business Models
b-green.gif (399 bytes) E-Business Models Articles b-green.gif (399 bytes) Internet Business Model Patents, alt-Jones
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Internet Business Models
o Business Models on the Web, 2000
o 20 Internet Business Models, 1999
o X Internet Business Models (figures from several successful companies), 1999
o X My model's better than yours (Redherring), 1999
o The (Six) Proven Internet Business Models (Model Success), 1999
o 9 Ways to Win on the Web, 1999
Business Models for Electronic Markets 1998
o A Taxonomy of Internet Commerce, 1998
o X Successful Internet Business Models, 1998
o Better Than Reality: A Fundamental Internet Principle, 1998
o Internet Business Models (Slides), 1998
o Internet Business Models by Azeem Azhar (1998)
o Internet Business Models used by Australian Organisations, 1997
o Why have internet business models that rely on web advertising failed ? (1997)
o Internet Business Models (Paper from dotParagon), 1997
o Successful Intermediary Internet Business Models
o Cook's Report on "Internet Business Models", 1995
b-green.gif (399 bytes) b-green.gif (399 bytes)


M6: Internet Payments & Banking 
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) E-Payment System (from A Framework for Global Electronic Commerce, US Gov, 1997) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) The First Virtual System (how it works?) 1 | 2
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) W3C Joint Electronic Payment Initiative (JEPI) whitepaper b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Summary of JEPI
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) JEPI Scenarios b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Open Trading Protocol
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Business-to-Business e-Commerce with Open Buying on the Internet b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) The Open Buying on the Internet (OBI) Consortium
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) NetFare b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)


b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) LETSystems  b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) IBM's Internet Keyed Payment Protocols (iKP) 
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) EFT in Electronic Commerce in the USA b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Overcoming Barriers to Electronic Commerce
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Digital Payment System (Very Detail list) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Chablis - Market Analysis of Digital Payment Systems
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Micro Payment Transfer Protocol (w3c) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Credits and Debits on the Internet
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Online business: Internet and electronic payments  b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)

Criteria for Selecting an EPS for Web Commerce (paper)

b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Electronic Payment Systems Reference b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Summary of Electronic Payment Systems (EPSs) 
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Description and Evaluation of Different Types of Electronic Payment Systems  b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) W3C Micropayment Interest Group
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) W3 PEP (Protocol Extension Protocol) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) A Overview of eMoney
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) W3C Selecting Payment Mechanisms Over HTTP b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)

MIT eBusiness Statistics and Research

b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Internet Draft: Universal Payment Preamble b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)

Netpay Payment System

b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Electronic Commerce, Payment Systems, and Security (urls) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Payment mechanisms designed for the Internet (huge list)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Electronic Payment Schemes - Roadmap(w3c) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Money - Past, Present & Future (Sources of Information on Monetary History, Contemporary Developments, and the Prospects for Electronic Money)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Electronic Money / Internet Payment Systems (article) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Digital Money (urls)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Electronic Payment over Open Networks, paper b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) CIO (EBanking, Billing & Payment Systems) articles
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Digital Currencies and Related Information b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) CyberCash inherits Net merchants
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)
Digital Cash
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Digital Cash (Definition) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) DigiCash.com
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Digital Cash Mini-FAQ b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) EFF "Privacy/Online Commerce - Digital Money & Transactions" Archive
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) The Dash to Digital Cash: Enabling Internet Commerce Microtransactions Market Review and Competitive Analysis (Aberdeen report) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Digital Cash and the Future of Money
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Digital Cash (ZDNet, article) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Electronic Money, or E-Money, and Digital Cash (huge list of url)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Digital Cash and Monetary Freedom (article) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Cashless Society or Digital Cash? 1994
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Cybercash (Tech + Illustration) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) What is Cybercoin?
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) A survey of micropayment technologies, and the MilliCent system, slides, alt1 b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)

Millicent.com, why, how, faq, techdetails, ppt

b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) The Millicent Protocol for Inexpensive Electronic Commerce, alt b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Millicent (background & future)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Millicent (in detail) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Millicent (info)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) The MilliCent Microcommerce System Defining a New Internet Business Model b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Electronic Money
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Mondex b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)


b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) WebATM b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) VeriFone E-Payment Solutions
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) V-One Solutions b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Sandia's Electronic Cash 
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Mondex, CAFE and other types of bitmoney b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Paymybills.com (Simplify bill paying)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Checkfree.com (Online Bill payment) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Microsoft Money
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Electronic money experiments signal a revolution in payment systems b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)
Electronic Cheques
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) The Mandate Electronic Cheque b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Banking is changing: Electronic cheques on their way
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Electronic Cheques b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Checking out e-checks
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) e-Cheques (How it works, in diagram) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) eCheck.org
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) NetCast & NetCheque b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)
Smart Cards
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) FAQ Smartcard, what b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) SmartCard Basics
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Secure Credit Card Transaction. Safe? b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)
SET & Related
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) What is Secure Electronic Transaction? whatis.com | Visa | EC-Webopedia b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) SET FAQ
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) SET Good Tech+Illustrations b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) SET Specification (SETCO)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)

SET - Setting the Stage for Safe Internet Shopping 

b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) SET Payment Demo
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)
Internet Banking
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) High Level Summary of Internet Banking Survey (GVU) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) DBS Internet Banking FAQ
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Internet Banker Scorecard (with reviews) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Internet Banking Demo (from Keybank)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) BII Internet Banking FAQ b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Integrated EC Banking Via the Internet, white paper
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Virtual Banker b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Internet Banking FAQ (First National Bank)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) HSBC Internet Banking FAQ, Demo b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)


M7: Security Issues in Electronic Commerce
Cryptography and Electronic Commerce: Technologies, Standards & Infrastructure Security and Privacy, and Electronic Commerce CCIC
Security Issues (from A Framework for Global Electronic Commerce, US Gov, 1997) Electronic Commerce: Security Issues
RISK-LIST: RISK_Forum Digest [sb] Computer Virus Myths [sb]
Hacker Crackdown Alert & Hoaxs
Hackerz Underground Security Research, 96 (UI)
Security, PKI, Hacking and Legal issues (urls) International Computer Security Association (Good)
Network Security Information Security Magazine (NCSA)
Books on Computer Security Books on Computer Data Protection
The Orange Book: 1 2 3 4 Determining Security Requirements for Complex Systems with the Orange Book
Information Security Resource (Good) Site Security Handbook
Computer Security and the Law The Green Book
From Physical Reality to Cyberspace Hacking vs Ethical Use of the Internet (NCSU)
Micro Trends Virus-related White Papers Future Trends in Virus Writing, more
Security Links suggested by L0pht How Encryption works? (Netscape)
ECHELON: America's Secret Global Surveillance Network, ECHELON Patent US5,937,422 L0PHT 

Securing Your Business: White Paper (Opengroup)

Security url Links by with sub-category (Good)

Security Infrastructure for Large Distributed Systems  Supporting Organizationally Accepted Practice (SOAP)
Cryptography FAQ (RSA) Overview of RSA Public Key Cryptography (Good diagram, with Applet demo)
FAQ Java Security  Do we need new digital signature law?
Cyber Cop Research Center  National Fraud Information Center, report
Microsoft Internet Security Initiatives  Securing the Content, Not the Wire, for Information Commerce (paper)

Intelligence-Based Threat Assessments for Information Networks and Infrastructures, White Paper

International Intrusions: Motives and Patterns, paper

Criminal Threats to Business on the Internet, White Paper

Legal, Privacy and Security Issues in Electronic Commerce

Security Requirements for Electronic Commerce, paper

An Overview of Security Issues for Electronic Commerce and Electronic Service Delivery, paper

List of Very good Security related papers (UCL, ZA)

Electronic Signatures: A Key to Unlocking Electronic Commerce in Florida

References for Tutorial 'Secure Electronic Commerce' 

Security Portal for IS (Good Crypto resources)


M8: Legal & Ethical Issues
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Internet Law (IPLaw) b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Legal Aspects of Internet Commerce
b-purp.gif (427 bytes) Legal Liability and E-Transactions
(Aug 2000) NOIE, AU
b-purp.gif (427 bytes)


M9: Tax & Electronic Commerce
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Tax and the Internet (Aug 1997), AU b-green.gif (399 bytes) Tax and the Internet Second Report - (Dec 1999), AU
b-green.gif (399 bytes) E-Commerce Past, Present, and Future (TTU) b-green.gif (399 bytes) Custom & Taxation (from A Framework for Global Electronic Commerce, US Gov, 1997)


M10: Government Policies 
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) A Framework for Global Electronic Commerce (US Gov, 1997) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)

The Economic and Social Impacts of Electronic Commerce: Preliminary Findings and Research Agenda (OECD)

b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Electronic Money: Preparing the Stage b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) US Govt EC (Many publications!)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Understanding Digital Economy (US Gov) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Towards the Age of the Digital Economy (Japan)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) The Emerging Digital Economy II  (US Gov, 1999) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) The Emerging Digital Economy  (US Gov, 1998)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) International GOV Sites on EC b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) Important US Documents on EC Policy
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) National Office for Information Economy (Australia) publications b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) SG E-Commerce GOV (IDA)
b-cyan.gif (423 bytes) b-cyan.gif (423 bytes)


Future Trends & The Road Ahead
b-green.gif (399 bytes) The Future of Electronic Commerce (article) b-green.gif (399 bytes) Electronic Commerce on the Internet: What Is Still Missing?
b-green.gif (399 bytes) E-Commerce: What Lies Ahead? (article) b-green.gif (399 bytes)


Internet Strategies
24 Internet Business Strategies Retail and Internet Strategies
Successful Small Biz Internet Strategies


Business Solution Center ceolive.com
Search Engines Tutorial: 1 | 2 | 3 Search Engine Watch
Tech/Dotcoms from Israel


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